Restoration and General Contractor

Restoring a building that has water damage or substantial problems with mold requires a well-trained, specialised team of people. That is why it is important that you obtain the services of a trusted restoration company that offers professional services. In Las Vegas, Shareware Store is the solution to these restoration problems.

We prevent a potentially stressful situation from spiraling out of control by providing the services of our general contractors. Our general contractors are able to quickly make an assessment, plan and execute a restoration. This is because they priorities on two general aspects as follows: –

Protection of Property

The objective of restoring any property is to make sure you protect it from further damage and where possible, return it to its pre-damage condition. At Shareware Store , our contractors are sensitized to the importance of property protection.

Prevention of Illness

Water damage can cause harmful illnesses. These may come about due to stagnant water, or water that may contain dangerous bacteria and fungi. Shareware Store water damage restoration experts are able to identify and remove contaminants from dangerous water.

Flourishing mold is also known to cause illnesses. Primarily, mold can lead to a range of problems with respiration, including throat, nose and lung issues. It can also cause irritation to the eyes and, in the long run, damage to vision. Shareware Store remediation specialists ensure that mold is safely and completely dealt with, to avoid reoccurrence and any infections.

Restoration may require changes to the structure, though at Shareware Store we ensure that all alternatives are evaluated and executed before a change to the structure is necessary.

We also understand that on occasion, our clients may require a holistic solution to a water and mold damage problem, or may be seeking the best prevention methods possible. In this case, we will recommend our highly trained general contractors for a restoration. Our General contractors have hands on experience with water restoration, mold removal and remediation, and general contracting for both commercial and residential clientele. With their backing of years of training and knowledge, they will efficiently identify the problem, and address it with the intention of delivering on the customer’s expectation.

Shareware Store general contractors are also certified and insured. They use only the latest equipment to deal with water damage repair and mold removal or remediation, so that you can enjoy the benefits of a high quality restoration on your residential or commercial property.