Office Walls Partitions

When you are looking to maximize the use of office walls, partitions provide an exciting range of options. At My Shareware Store, we specialize in commercial interiors and our experience guarantees you always get the best results. Located in Brisbane, we service the entire metropolitan area of South East Queensland and offer a comprehensive range of fit-out options that include office walls, partitions, renovations, refurbishments, shop fitting, detailed joinery, suspended ceilings, painting, plastering, tiling, electrical services, plumbing and air conditioning.

With My Shareware Store on the job, you will be amazed at the versatility of your office walls. Partitions can simply be placed wherever you require them and instantly transform your environment. We can move walls, doors and windows to create space or enclose specific areas; and if privacy is not a priority with your office walls, partitions made from glass are an extremely stylish and space efficient solution.

When you need to maximize your office walls, partitions make all the difference.  With our specialized experience in commercial interiors, My Shareware Store meet your requirements every step of the way. We pride ourselves on high quality finishes and all work is carried out with absolute minimum disturbance to the day-to-day running of your business. If required, we even work outside of business hours. To ensure safety, all staff and contractors are trained in Workplace Health and Safety procedures before work commences. You will be amazed at the transformation our work delivers. Your new office will increase morale and productivity; marking your business with a true seal of professionalism.

Arrange your office walls, partitions, doors and windows to suit your business with My Shareware Store. Give us a call us or send us an email to discuss your project and get a free quote today.

We use a wide range of minimalist aluminium frames that can be powder-coated to the colour of your choice and all glass is Grade A laminated, adhering to the strictest Australian Standards.

Transform your office walls, partitions, doors and windows with My Shareware Store. Call us on or send us an email for a free quote today.

If you are unsure how you want your office walls, partitions and doors to be arranged, our wealth of experience will help you find the optimum solution. We can offer a range of innovative ideas and approaches to achieve the exact result that you require. Our expertise allows us to explore various methods such as right-angle partitions, curved partitions, half partitions and splayed wall partitions. With My Shareware Store, there are no office walls, partitions, doors or windows that we cannot manage and, through collaboration, you end up with a bespoke finish that suits your employees and business perfectly.

Call My Shareware Store and configure your office walls, partitions and doors to meet your exact needs.